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Makoto ~ Sincerity ~ Fansubs

CrimsonNataku & AkaiTsubasa

CrimsonNataku & AkaiTsubasa
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KinKi Kids and Nakamura Yuichi (D-Boys) Fansubs
Who Are We?
We are two, very crazy, but very determined people who have dedicated as much time as we can afford towards translating and subtitling various drama series. Our primary focus is KinKi Kids, but we also translate and subtitle the latest works done by Nakamura Yuichi from D-Boys.

Slightly more detailed profiles can be found here

1. Selling any of our projects is strictly prohibited. If you wish to obtain a copy of one of our projects, please contact us. These are FREE fansubs BY FANS FOR FANS; profiting off of our projects in ANY way will not be permitted.
2. Please do NOT UPLOAD any of these files onto streaming media sites including but not limited to Youtube, Google, Veoh, iFilm, Crunchyroll, Daily Motion. Despite arguments that may state otherwise, fansubbing is still illegal, and putting any fansubbers' work in a mass public area only puts them in danger.
3. Please do not distribute subtitled releases without permission. If you would like to post our releases somewhere, just ask! Odds are good we will say yes ^_^. Please remember to give credit if you are given permission to upload.
4. Please do not upload our files onto trackers/bittorrent; if we decide it's appropriate, we will do it ourselves.
5. You are free to use the song lyrics and their translations, but please give credit; for some of the songs we had to piece the lyrics together painstakingly, as in kanji character by kanji character!
6. Releases will be primarily hard sub files. However, if you would like soft sub files for a particular project, particularly to translate one of our releases into another language, you may request them, and we will be happy to upload them. Keep in mind, however, that the soft sub files may not reflect the full quality of our work, as most karaoke and typesetting cannot be preserved in soft subs. Some projects, such as the Endless Shock musical, will be strictly hard sub release only. As of right now, we do not offer soft sub files for download other than for projects such as translation, etc.
7. If a download link is no longer working, just leave a comment on the appropriate project/update page, and we will see to the problem as quickly as possible.
8. We are not accepting requests as of right now. When most of our current and future projects are finished (we have quite a few, many of which I believe people will enjoy), we will consider it.
9. Comments are not necessary, but always appreciated ^_^.